About Us


        Techknowledge Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by a group of engineers with experience of IT professionals. We trusted in statement.

"Information Technology is the one of key factors that affect business success. How do we use it. Information technology effectively. And meet the needs of the business. As much as possible "

        In our experience, we have the opportunity to participate in the preparation of information technology to organizations, whether public or private, keeping in mind the problems of implementation. Such as the development of personnel who operate or maintain equipment and supplies related equipment to meet the needs of the planning applications or systems. Information as to achieve cost-effective to use the system.

For 9 years of growth of the company. As a result of adhering to the guidelines for the management to satisfy customers. The spirit of the Company. The customers get the service. The standard And the highest quality of work were devoted to its interest. And service quality to customers, the company has grown with the support from customers. And their partners. The success of esteem. And will continue to strive to create quality jobs. Together to ensure success.